the network: who are we?

Graine d’Europe is an organisation based in Nantes, in France which promotes European cultures: educational tools, artistic and heritage activities, events for a various public reluctant or already conquered.
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Media Dizajn, and The Incubator for Culture is a place based in Szczecin in Poland, involved in the promotion of civic initiatives, networking and organisation of events (workshops, networking sessions, exhibition…).
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Foundation Iasi – European Capital of Culture is a foundation created by the City of Iasi in Romania (Moldovian region) to promote the cultural identity of Iasi and confirm its rank as a European Capital of Culture in 2021.




Arad Municipality in Romania (West Region) is implicated in the promotion of cultural heritage and, for this reason, is candidate for European Capital of Culture in 2021.
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Jelgava Local Municipality in Latvia mobilises and raises the interest of the inhabitants of its area around 3 central themes: active citizenship, sustainable tourism and cultural heritage.
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Nottingham City Council (United Kingdom) and its department dedicated to museums and galleries offers events and activities connected to Europe for every generation: Light night, games cities, goose fair.
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Eurosoc #Digital is a German independent, non-profit think tank dedicated to promoting democratic values in European societies and beyond. From Berlin it’s team develops and implements civic education programmes, advises municipalities and their public administrations in the context of “Open Government”. They also participate in national and international research and innovation programmes in the context of eGovernment and eParticipation and analyse public policies and provide consultancy services in the areas of development cooperation, European politics as well as national and European migration policies.
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Tačka komunikacije (Communication Point) seeks to bring together people from different professional backgrounds who work on new ways of presenting the city and cultural heritage. The organisation seeks to explore innovative approaches to researching, recording and presenting social history, architecture, public policy through the fields of culture, new media and tourism and to empower the initiatives of individuals and groups relevant to the urban and social development of the city.
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Associated partners

The European Commission is partner of My European City network as part of the programme Europe for Citizens (strand 2, measure 2: network of towns).

Région Pays-de-La-Loire supports My European City on the regional area of Pays-de-la-Loire since 2005. Within the FRASECOPE first in 2014 Graine d’Europe met its new partners in Iasi (Romania) and Jelgava (Latvia) and then with a several year support to allow European positioning in the area. The network contributes to « Une Europe plus utile pour une région plus efficicace« , the regional strategy.

Département de Loire-Atlantique accompanies Graine d’Europe in its approach to raise the awareness of citizens: guided tours for secondary schools, animation of the European network, cooperation with the West Pomerania and development of a European tour in Loire-Atlantique.

Nantes.tourisme, an historical partner with whom Graine d’Europe developed and is renewing the city tour Nantes in Europe.