Innovative Professional Meeting in Arad

The Innovative Professional Meeting was the fourth meeting of the Europe for
Citizens cycle. It took place in Arad, romania, on two days, 24th and 25th of may
2016. It was the continuation of the work on innovation started in Nantes during the third meeting, and also a transition before the last fifth meeting based on evaluation.
During this meeting, the members of the network invited professionals from their regions and local people to exchange, explore and learn the possibilities to foster the citizen’s descovery of the europeaness of their local area in an innovative way.

Objectives of the meeting
— to introduce and promote the network to a general public.
— to learn from the social innovation experiences and point of view of professional guests.
— to devote time to debate on more or less known est european topics.
— to benefit from each member’s knowledges and work group reflexion.
— to share ideas and projects between partners and with the audience.

In total 67 persons participated in the Innovative Professional Meeting, including 27 foreign european guests. That means a percentage of 40% foreign participation from 7 countries.
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