European short film competition

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UPDATE: Entries to Short Film Competition are now closed!
Thanks to everyone who entered and voted!

Non-professional film maker, for the european heritage days, use your imagination and film the reuse and rehabilitation of the industrial heritage of your city. An industrial building turned into offices, old cans transformed into perfume bottle, reclamation of a former industrial factory into an art center… Choose, create or invent one that inspire you in your city, get started and make your own film.

Many gifts to win!

– Competition rules (EN)
– Les règles du jeu (FR)
– Zasady Konkursu (POL)
– Regulile competitei (RO)

Everybody can participate: for your information, you can download free editing software easily (freeware as for example Windows Movie Maker on PC or iMovie on MAC).

Règlement du concours

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