Cycling city

@ Izabella Madarasz

For the European heritage days, My European city Network invited non-professional artists to use their imagination and paint the European aspect of their city. How where they inspired by what they feel? How would they show it to the others? …

Izabella Madarasz, from Sabin Dragoi Art school won this year with her Cycling city.

Congratulations to her !

Please find here the winner’s artwork story 😉

« When you think about Arad as a European City, buildings from the 19th century and the curves of a Pegas bicycle bloom in your mind. As an 18th year old, I choose the bicycle as my main transport. I love riding my bike on the streets surrounded by majestic Habsburg architecture.

My work represents my journey through these streets, with eight of my most beloved buildings used as spokes for the bicycle’s back wheel. It creates a sensation of movement. I believe the thrill of living is felt in your soul, not your body, so instead of drawing a physical representation of myself, I added my essence through a golden background.

The golden shade reminds of stars, from which souls come, stars that are also on the union’s flag. Thus, EU is made by us. On the other hand, the shades of blue and green of the buildings are as diverse as the nature and the people of Arad and of the European Union.

As a conclusion, I wanted to represent the way I see my hometown. There’s no other city in the world as cozy as Arad »

Izabella Madarasz