Thinking of Europe in Nottingham


« For Nottingham Lightnight, I staged Thinking of Europe… »

My European City Network invit you to visit Holger Martin work.

In December 2015, Nottingham City Council invited the photographer to participate to a meeting organised in Nantes by My European City network. The purpose was to consider and explore the several ways to discover, experience and share the European dimension of a city and the best and more innovative ways to create for and with the citizens about that topic.

‘Thinking of Europe’ is a project commissioned this year by Nottingham City Council as part of Light Night and is now available on

Thanks to Holger Martin for his iniative !

Cycling city

@ Izabella Madarasz

For the European heritage days, My European city Network invited non-professional artists to use their imagination and paint the European aspect of their city. How where they inspired by what they feel? How would they show it to the others? …

Izabella Madarasz, from Sabin Dragoi Art school won this year with her Cycling city.

Congratulations to her !

Please find here the winner’s artwork story 😉

« When you think about Arad as a European City, buildings from the 19th century and the curves of a Pegas bicycle bloom in your mind. As an 18th year old, I choose the bicycle as my main transport. I love riding my bike on the streets surrounded by majestic Habsburg architecture.

My work represents my journey through these streets, with eight of my most beloved buildings used as spokes for the bicycle’s back wheel. It creates a sensation of movement. I believe the thrill of living is felt in your soul, not your body, so instead of drawing a physical representation of myself, I added my essence through a golden background.

The golden shade reminds of stars, from which souls come, stars that are also on the union’s flag. Thus, EU is made by us. On the other hand, the shades of blue and green of the buildings are as diverse as the nature and the people of Arad and of the European Union.

As a conclusion, I wanted to represent the way I see my hometown. There’s no other city in the world as cozy as Arad »

Izabella Madarasz


Closing meeting in Jelgava, Latvia

© photo Igors Jefimovs / My European City Network ended in Jelgava a two year round of professionals and public meetings, co-funded by the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.

The members of the network welcomed the public during the open day wednesday the 28th of september. See the programme.

Visual Art Competition


© visual Topaz /
Non-professional artists, for the European heritage days, use your imagination and paint the European aspect of your city. Look around you, Europe is everywhere, as a part of your city’s heritage, culture, history… How do you see or imagine it? How are you inspired by what you feel? How will you show it to others? Feel free to present your own vision of your european city incorporating visual and poetic aspects to your creation.

Many gifts to win!

A l’occasion des Journées Européennes du Patrimoine, le réseau My European City lance un concours de réalisations visuelles.

Le but ? (re)Découvrir l’aspect européen de sa ville et le partager à travers une œuvre visuelle et poétique (dessin, strip, peinture, comics, bandes dessinées, graff…)

Les internautes et le jury de My European City récompenseront la meilleure oeuvre.

More informations below :
Competition rules (EN)
Les règles du jeu (FR)
Zasady Konkursu (POL)
Regulile competitei (RO)
Spēles noteikumi (LV)
Pravila igre (SR)

Règlement du concours

Please, find the results here

Innovative Professional Meeting in Arad

The Innovative Professional Meeting was the fourth meeting of the Europe for
Citizens cycle. It took place in Arad, romania, on two days, 24th and 25th of may
2016. It was the continuation of the work on innovation started in Nantes during the third meeting, and also a transition before the last fifth meeting based on evaluation.
During this meeting, the members of the network invited professionals from their regions and local people to exchange, explore and learn the possibilities to foster the citizen’s descovery of the europeaness of their local area in an innovative way.

Objectives of the meeting
— to introduce and promote the network to a general public.
— to learn from the social innovation experiences and point of view of professional guests.
— to devote time to debate on more or less known est european topics.
— to benefit from each member’s knowledges and work group reflexion.
— to share ideas and projects between partners and with the audience.

In total 67 persons participated in the Innovative Professional Meeting, including 27 foreign european guests. That means a percentage of 40% foreign participation from 7 countries.
You can ask for contact details writing to :

Visit the european city of Nantes #2

The City Tour “Nantes in Europe” , proposed by Graine d’Europe, has been updated and reorganize #2.

The 2hours tour in the city center of Nantes gives an orignial european point of view on cultural, economics, politics, architechtural… sides of the city.

This visit allows a new and actual looks on this area in constant development.

Suitable to each and everyone (local people, tourists form everywhere…), and adjustable to secondary and primary school, this visits can be in english, german or french.

Do not hesitate, discover Nantes as you’ve never seen it before, and let this european city tells you all it’s secrets.

Ask for the visit

Apéro’péen – European get-together


© photo Marcus Bell/Studio Impressions


The European partners from the My European City network came together for their Innovation Meeting. You were invited to join them to discover and celebrate the ideas which are bursting from this network at the APÉRO’PÉEN!

The concept: A festive evening where you were surrounded by artists from all over Europe as well as digital art installations.

100 of you attended the event and felt a sense of Europe thanks to this cultural effervescence.

A big thank you to Mihaï Trestian and his trio of traditional eastern European music, to Carine Cottineau and her ‘flamencorientale’ dance, to Arthur D’haeyer and his team who listened to and sketched our experiences and our dreams, to Irina Panait and her innovative way of painting, to Noémie Jehanne who expressed your feelings and thank you to all of the volunteers for making the APÉRO’PÉEN happen.

Download the flyer


Les européens de My European City, étaient réunis à Nantes pour l’Innovation Meeting, ils vous ont invité à découvrir et fêter avec eux le bouillonnement d’idées du réseau lors de leur APÉRO’PÉEN !

Le concept : Rencontre autour d’un verre entourés d’artistes venus de toute l’Europe et d’installations numériques.
Un événement gratuit ouvert à tous.

Pour cette première, vous êtes une centaine à avoir répondu présents et à avoir ressenti l’Europe à travers cette effervescence culturelle.

Merci à Mihaï Trestian et son trio de musiques traditionnelles de l’Est, à Carine Cottineau et sa danse flamencorientale, à Arthur D’haeyer et son équipe qui ont écouté et croqué nos expériences vécues ou rêvées, à Irina Panait et sa manière innovante de peindre, à Noémie Jehanne qui a exprimé et retranscrit vos impressions d’Europe, à tous les bénévoles hyper impliqués et à vous tous qui avez participé.

Téléchargez le flyer de la soirée